Update Log


Switched to the Christmas theme yet again.


Clarified and corrected a few minor details and fixed some minor grammatical issues in the ADOM article.


Added a new article, A Tale of Two Rilians (and a Legolas too).


Reverted the Christmas theme and made a one-word typo correction to the “Nostalgic Retrospective: Super Mario All-Stars” article, which I initially forgot to publish, intended for December 28th. I also corrected an incorrect date in this file which was obviously a lazy copy+paste job in regards to the typo correction in the “Comic Chat” article.


Corrected the timing of Bowser’s rampages in the “Getting Back Into Mario” article.


Added a new article, Getting Back Into Mario.


Switched to the Christmas theme again, because I still like it.


Updated the “Links” page, adding Cidoku’s site and updating the links to Dig Deeper and the Babel Doom mod.


Added a new article, The Least-Bad Way To Play Baldur’s Gate/Icewind Dale on GNU/Linux, and slipped in an update to the “About Me” page since I no longer use Pale Moon.


A few more tweaks to the Hellpoint article in various areas, and the addition of a review of the DLC content, finally.


One more tweak to the Hellpoint article. I realised I was mistaken about no unique items being behind eclipse doors, in part due to a bug in my initial playthroughs that made it very likely to receive the Depraved suit early.


Deciding I disagreed with my past self about the viability of dodging, I altered the relevant area in “Review: Hellpoint” to instead include slightly more information about shields and avoid talking about dodging altogether.


Excited over the new DLC release for Hellpoint, I looked over “Review: Hellpoint” and corrected a number of minor spelling and grammar issues and further clarified a few ambiguous statements.


Corrected a typo in “Setting Up MS Comic Chat in Wine” – the single quotes around the execution of CChat.exe have been removed and spaces escaped, as “~” doesn’t expand in quotes.


Added a new article, Setting Up MS Comic Chat in Wine.


Added a new article, Nostalgic Retrospective: Super Mario All-Stars. Added “The Mushroom Kingdom” and “Mermaid Elizabeth’s Microsoft Chat Resources” to the “Links” page. Added a note about dark themes to the main page.


Corrected the link to “Koshka’s Kingdom” to reflect the recent relocation.


Retroactively created this update log to track reader-facing changes. Adjusted Neocities Management Script’s article’s link to the script to a local copy. Adjusted Game Menu Engine’s copy of its program to include a plain-text version in addition to the pretty copy to bring it in line with the former; however, to avoid giving the impression of any actual content changes, the “Last Updated” lines are not being adjusted in either article or the index.


Reverted the glorious holiday theme.


Changed to a glorious holiday theme.


Added a new article, There Is No “Best Game”.


Swapped out the Biebersoft FreakZone link on the “Links” page with an archive.org clone.


Added a new article, Neocities Management Script.


Added a new article, Review: Hellpoint.


At the suggestion of a reader, added a link to the actual tmux issue in The Illogic of Programming instead of merely alluding to it.


Added a new article, The Illogic of Programming.


Adjusted the rendering of code blocks in small windows; it should wrap better now.


Added a new page, About Me. It felt mandatory.


Added RSS headers to every page (except the 404 page) for user convenience. For additional convenience, also added a “last updated” marker to each article on the index. Added a hover effect to links because it looks cool.


Adjusted footnote handling by adding a “Notes” header wherever they are present.


Added a new article, Batch File Menu Builder.


Added a new article, Doom: A Look At Depth.


Updated How This Site is Built to correct a mistake related to applying patches that caused accidental global category patching instead of targeting the intended article.


Added a new article, How This Site is Built, and tweaked the main css slightly.


Added the GZDoom Babel mod homepage and the “Spyware Watchdog” page to “Links”.


Added an RSS feed to the main page and made a few small adjustments to accommodate it.


Added the “Links” page and the “I stand with RMS” banner. Adjusted the index page to list articles alphabetically.


Re-organised the table of contents in Doom Primer to make it less confusing and more useful.


Updated PCem Networking with information on DOS and cleaned up the CSS a bit more to make the code samples look nicer. Adjusted Doom Primer’s aesthetics slightly to account for the css adjustments.


Added a new article, PCem Networking.


Created a custom 404 page to ensure it was properly themed and linked back to the main site.


Corrected a typo in The Holder of Moe and tweaked the css file. Added the mascot image.


Initial launch of the site. Two articles were initially included – Doom Primer and Time and Food Limits Considered Harmful – and a third, The Holder of Moe, was added later that same day.

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